Week in Review: 7/15-7/21

Me Practically Melting in This Week's Heat!

A packed (and hot!) week for us…here’s what got us excited:

Why can’t the medical community finally figure out how to help us all get to a healthy weight?! Weekend Observations: Medica Community, What Gives?!

How can you not love a commute like mine when you can walk hrough an outdoor gallery with paintings like this everyday? Pic of the Week: What My Commute Looks Like

Kudos to YouTube celebrity Lauren Luke for her new, powerful campaign Disturbing But Awesome

More great beauty reading pulled from the headlines More to Love: Additions to the Reading List

A bit cooler for our New Yorkers, eh?  Enjoy the weekend!

Disturbing But Awesome

Lauren Luke, YouTube star and make-up artist to every teenager out there did something pretty cool.  She took her famous beauty tutorial platform and turned it into a anti-domestic abuse campaign.  While cosmetics hides everything from sunspots to zits to the last night’s debauchery, it also can hide the painful marks of domestic abuse.   Luke spends a minute or so stoically showing how to cover up her own bruises.  It’s extremely jarring and sad how matter-of-fact she is.    But at the end of the video, she challenges women NOT to cover their marks up and instead urges them to stand up against their abusers.  Take a look:

How to look your best the morning after