Week in Review: 5/12-5/18

@Beautyskew was in full force this week:
While I haven’t gone through a total on-camera transformation, I started using a few tricks Weekend Observations: Applying the Lessons
An honest, raw perspective on modeling from a model/TED speaker Behind the Image: An Honest & Bright Model’s Story
From aging beauty contests to a history of beauty in Japan More to Love: Additions to the Reading List
I wish you all a happy weekend and to my brother, Jonny, a happy birthday!

Week in Review: 9/30-10/6

On Colorado with the politicos this week!  And here’s what happened @Beautyskew:

After years of business travel, I see how women get the raw deal Weekend Observations: When Will Fem Biz Travelers gets Recognized?

A bizarre new beauty trend in Japan Pic of the Week: Bagel Head Beauties

More fascinating beauty-in-culture reading More to Love: Additions to the Reading List

Enjoy the weekend!

More to Love: Additions to the Reading List

Take a look at these bizarre and bold beauty stories!

  • In Japan, people are using anti-aging treatments to challenge notions of beauty


  • A fascinating art exhibit showing the beauty of graffiti: Beauty Is


  • Is America ready for a a new type of leading lady who looks different?  I’m betting yes!


  • The physical healing power of beauty


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Pic of the Week: A Turn for the Uglier

Whenever people equate beauty with perfection I scoff.  If we adjusted all the faces or bodies of people we deem beautiful to be perfect, I bet we’d all be disappointed.  Moreover, when I hear about the supposed “torture” people endure to be perfect, I have to point to the growing number of cases I come across of people trying to look imperfect, as evidenced in the pic above from Tokyo above.   Girls are actually trying to make their teeth look funny!