Week in Review: 9/23-9/29

From older models to make-up on men, this week @Beautyskew we discussed a lot of juicy stuff.  Take a look:
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Wearing sweaters yet?  You may just have go shopping for some this weekend!

Pic of the Week: Isabella — Your Look Great!

I’ve been reading, posting and tweeting a ton about the HBO special, About Face, which interviews the models of the past.  One of the comments that struck me was from Isabella Rossellini.  Because of her age, she has lost her currency while her younger daughter, model, Elektra, has it now in spades.
And yet, as I was leafing though the biggest fashion tombs this past month, I came across this gorgeous ad for Bulgari. How ironic!  As you can see, the elegant Isabella Rossellini is beautifully poised and as sexy as ever.  Who says these women have lost their edge and currency?!