Week in Review: 3/25-3/31

My Mom!

Let’s review all the juicy beauty discussions we had this week:

Come on Hollywood, the beauties of the silver screen don’t get uglier as they age! Weekend Observations: They Don’t Get Uglier

When objects of death become sculptures of beauty Pic of the Week: Beauty Created from Objects of Death

Karen has a new gig …yay!  But its been tough for her to post so we’ll hear from her another week.

To read or not to read?  That is the question.  What do we do with Fairy Tales and our girls? Should we Ban Fairy Tales?  Our Perspective

Check out more perspective on beauty More to Love: Additions to the Reading List

Happy Birthday mommy!

Pic of the week: Beauty Created from Objects of Death

There’s something about the morbid and macabre …I  can’t turn away from it!  I wrote about this in a post last year (Weekend Observations: Death Becomes Me) after visiting an exhibit at the Museum of Arts and Design called Dead or Alive: Nature Becomes Art.

What’s so interesting about this exhibit, is that the artist, Goncalo Mabunda, takes objects of war and pain and turns them into art!  He’s not so much finding beauty in death, than he is honoring the dead and taking these instruments of death out of deadly hands.  He in a CNN piece: “If we destroy the weapons, the same weapon’s not going to kill any more,”