Week in Review: 7/8-7/14

What juicy stuff did we discuss this week?  Scroll down and take a look:

What Mavis in “Young Adult” teaches us about the interplay between our outsides and insides Weekend Observations: Your Outsides Do Reflect & Affect Your Insides  

Do women photographers capture a woman’s beauty better?  Pic of the Week: Why Women Can Capture The Beauty of Women Better 

A beauty pageant hosted for Holocaust survivors in Israel: What we really think about it “Holocaust Survivors” & “Beauty Pageant”: Two Phrases You Never Thought Would Go Together

More curated beauty-in-culture reading More to Love: Additions to the Reading List 

Happy Bastille day!

Pic of the Week: Why Women Can Capture the Beauty of Other Women Better

A Jai Mayhew Photo

Seeing this photo, you can kind of understand where we’re coming from!  Gorgeous no?  Jai Mayhew declares that women can photograph other women better.  Women can see women’s sensuality more acutely.  Though I wonder if that’s because she was once a model herself.  Do you agree with her?  For more beautiful images, check out her site: http://jaimayhew.com/