Week in Review: 4/14-4/20


What happened on Beautyskew this week?  Finally, A LOT!
I finally succumbed and hired a personal shopper!  See why and what happened. Weekend Observations: I Did It…I Went Personal!
Lots of coverage on this new Dove campaign.  Check it out and see why. Pic of the Week: Self-Perception Vs. Reality
Affirmative action or new perspectives on beauty?  This story on Miss Israel delves into this very question. It’s Not Politics; It’s Beauty
More juicy beauty-in-culture reading. More to Love: Additions to the Reading List

Spring has Sprung…woo hoo!


More to Love: Additions to the Reading List


What juicy beauty stories caught our attention this week?  Take a look below:

  • Young Indian girls gain financial independence via beauty training


  • In a country with over 140 million people, how can there be one Russian look?  Well, according to the haters of of Miss Russia, there must be!


  • Inspiring story about a girl born with two major birth defects.



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