Weekend Observations: Runway Show on the High Line

Given how nice the weather is becoming, I’m trying to walk the High Line to and from work.  I’ve mentioned the High Line in previous posts but in case this is your first time joining us, the High Line is the strip from 30th street and 10th avenue to 14th street and 10th.  It used to be a raised railroad line and was turned into a beautiful public garden a few years ago. I highly recommend you try it out.  It’s both romantic and awe-inspiring.

As I was walking home Friday evening, I noticed something new about the High Line.  You see, I’ve been so overtaken by the beauty of the High Line experience — the flowers, bird feeder, art work , etc, that I never even realized the beauty of the PEOPLE that walk it! Until then.  The High Line is a on-going, New  York City fashion show.

Once I started to take notice, I saw women and men of all types — hipsters in their arty t-shirts, rocker chicks in black leather pants and Helmut Lang blous-y shirts; dapper young men  in nerdy glasses, spring blazers and rolled up trousers, cute officer workers in head-to-toe Tory Burch, and of course, the European tourists in the latest North Face windbreakers.

I was surrounded by beauty! I don’t mean that all the people were necessarily beautiful per se but that I was able to experience all the different types of people passing to and fro right around me.  That’s the true beauty of New York.  To be able to be a part of a world full of acceptance and appreciation for difference, is amazing.

Next time you’re in NYC, go take a walk on the High Line and see for your self 🙂