Week in Review: 4/29-5/5

A dreary week weather wise in NYC but still fun @ Beautyskew!  What did we discuss?

It doesn’t happen often but I was blown away by a beauty product Weekend Observations: A Must Buy

I love it when every detail is made beautiful as evidenced by this week’s Pic of the Week: Guitars that Will Blow You Away

Coming to terms with aging, thanks to my mom Probably the Beauty Lesson I Learned From My Mom

More juicy beauty-in-culture reading More to Love: Additions to the Reading List

Happy May!

More to Love: Additions to the Reading List

A pencil drawing created by a current inmate at the Chain O’ Lakes Correctional facility

Fascinating beauty-in-culture reading!

  • Taiwanese beauty contestants must pledge not to have extra marital affairs, wow!


  • Amazing art work from behind prison bars.  It’s amazing how people can find or be inspired by beauty ANYWHERE


  • Could it be that are most informed generation is the least informed about skin cancer?!


  • Introducing “Pretty Ugly”: a new book by Martin Lorenz of all the “wonky”, ugly designs out there


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