Week in Review: 5/28-6/2

Venus to Pass Over The Sun This Week

Take a look at what we shared this lovely week:

73-year-old Mimi Kirk astonishes me! See why  Weekend Observations: Holy Moly…Am I Floored By Her Beauty

Glorious pics of Haiti over the past 25 years Pic of the Week: The Audacity of Beauty

Actual neurological study reveals that our reactions to the beauty of art are both universal and personal Neurological Study Shows That Our Response to Art is Both Universal and Personal

Really great beauty-in-culture stories this week More to Love: Additions to the Reading List

Have a fantastic weekend!

Pic of the Week: The Audacity of Beauty

It’s amazing that in some of the poorest, most devastated countries, you can witness beauty all around you.  That’s what photographer, Maggie Steber, believes, and she catalogued such images of beauty in her blog, the “Beauty of Audacity.”  In this blog she shares 25 years worth of stunning photographs of Haiti and stories of the Haitian people themselves.  See for your self. http://www.audacityofbeauty.com/