The Ugliness of Jealousy

If any of you have taken a basic evolutionary biology course at some point in your lives, you know what’s at the heart of so much “female-on-female” jealousy.  While women are hardwired to want to mate with fewer but greater providers, men are wired to want to mate with as many women as possible.  And the sexier these women are the better!
These prehistoric tendencies are clearly still alive and well as evidenced by a study conducted among women in Canada.  Women were asked to look at images of women dressed provocatively and respond (“Women Aggressive Toward ‘Sexy’ peers“).  Guess what?  97% of the subjects made bitchy comments.  In another study, women were asked to look at the same provocatively dressed gal and then were asked if they would let their boyfriends hang out with her.  No sh@#$t, most of them said “no way”.  When the pic of the sex gal was altered to make her look fatter, of course, the subjects were less worried about their men hanging with her.
OK, I get it.  Men can be horn dogs and can get attracted to a hot girl besides ourselves.  But times have changed.  Sure, we may still have age-old instincts but we don’t have to succumb to them.  Most men don’t boink every hot girl they see so why can’t we control our emotions a bit?
If the overpowering desire to demean a sexy girl comes upon us, let’s all take a deep breath and remind ourselves that we’re not Neanderthals anymore.  Maybe just maybe, we’ll make a new friend or at least, add some more positivity to our lives.
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