Ugh, my nail beds are reacting again.  No coincidence, work is a bit crazy right now.

Don’t want to gross you out so let me just say that I have skin condition in my fingers that responds — painfully — during stressful situations.

Turns out I’m not alone.  Dermatologists have now correlated stress with flare-ups of chronic, inflammatory skin conditions (Stress Management Improves Skin Conditions).  While my condition is minor, you can imagine how someone with major psoriasis or acne must feel during a flare-up.  And then that stress triggers greater flare- ups!

Stress can also inhibit the ability of skin to act as a protective layer, allowing irritants, allergens and bacteria to get in and worsen our conditions further.

White coat, Western-as-can-be dermatologists are now recommending stress management strategies and stress therapies like hypnosis, tai chi and yoga to overcome or prevent skin flare-ups.  Cool.

There’s that “mind-body” thing again.  Let’s face it: it’s ALLLLLL connected.

Be good to your self and your body, and your body will be good to you too.

Herbal tea anyone?

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