The March issue of Glamour brought up the on-going debate on photoshopping again.  This time it was in reference to our own tweaking to our head shots for dating and social media sites.  In fact, there’s now a biz out there for people who can alter your bellies, bald spots and acne scars.  Yippee!

In typical reporting fashion, photoshopping ends up looking like the devil.  We read about people meeting blind dates who look nothing like their head shots.   Or we get bombarded with messages saying that people who photoshopping are sending out emotionally destructive messages because they shaved off a few inches from their jowls.

OK, maybe I’m being a bit flip here.  I do get that all the heavily re-done pics of models can make all the rest of us mere mortals feel like shit.  But I also know that even if no photo shopping was in play, the glamazons in the ads would still look taller, skinnier and blonder than me.  That’s their job!  That’s why they became models and not dentists!

Now back to photoshopping our own shots.

Is it really so bad?  We wear make-up, pick out our nose hairs or wear figure-flattering clothes to make ourselves look better in real life.  So what’s so bad about making our hair a little neater, our zits a little less noticeable, and our jawbones less promiment in photos?

We human beings are endowed with gifts.  One of them is the ability to improve ourselves.  So I say play around with photoshop.  It’s not going to kill anyone.  And if that little tweak or two means you’re more likely to put yourself out there…for a job, a friend, or a mate, then go for it!

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