There’s been loads of stories recently about the effect of beauty in the workplace.  For the most part, the better you look, the better you fare.  Now there’s an infographic that brings it all to light in such a pretty way ;).

Sure, there’s been a lot of counter arguments, even attacks, on these theories.  After all, what if you’re not a “looker,” does that mean you’re going to end up with a lower paycheck? Of course not.  But let’s face it, looking nice helps.

Where these “challengers” get confused is in their interpretation of what looking beautiful/handsome means.  First of all, it doesn’t have to be one size fits all.  There’s not one way to look beautiful.  Everyone can find a way that fits them.  I used to work with a woman who had a uniform of khakis, sneakers and polo shirts everyday.  It was her way of eschewing fashion.  Yet, she painstakingly ironed her shirts everyday and always wore nice earrings.  In essence, she was looking pretty in her own way!

Second, as a Huffington Post article by Margaret Wheeler Johnson (Beauty Can Affect Your Paycheck) points out, looking good could mean smiling and acting pleasant.  Now is that so hard?

Third, find a style that works for you.  I know this sounds trite, but it’s so true!  I have clothes that I bought because they were in fashion or looked appropriate for my position (e.g., manly suits) but they weren’t “me.”  Even if I’m wearing something relatively casual or out-of-fashion for the season (ah, more like the decade), but I know its “me”, I feel and look great.

Face it, looks matter.  But don’t fret.  It’s not hard.  Make yourself look good in ways that suit you and, if all else fails, just smile.

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