Now there’s something else we have to worry about.

It’s called “computer-face.”

What is it?  Doctors are now seeing people coming in with saggy jowls, ‘turkey neck’ and deep set wrinkles as a result of spending too much time in front of the computer.

How to save yourself from this terrible malady?  Here’s what UK’s Mail Online reco’s (“Screens put years on you“)

1. Take regular breaks away from your screen (hmmm, easier said then done when you need to get a presentation done ASAP)

2. Kiss the ceiling (Huh?  Read on…) By puckering up and stretching your neck back, you use muscles which would otherwise weaken and sag (note to self: avoid maneuver when CEO is in office).

3. Regularly stretch out your neck from left to right, holding for several seconds (luckily I have a window so I can pretend I’m actually peering at something fascinating on the street, but what about my friend in the cubicle…)

4. Raise your computer screen so you are not looking downwards at it (now that’s one I can live with).

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