Just when you thought you had it all figured it out, some smarty pants give us another thing to watch out for as we age.  Until now we all thought it was saggy skin that made people look older, but now there’s research that says it’s your bones.
According a recent study by the University of Rochester Medical Center, bone structure changes as we age (“Older Bones Can Age Your Face, Study Says”).  So what does that mean?  Eye sockets become wider and longer and the length of the eyebrow, nose and upper jawbones all reduce in size.  The length and height of the lower jaw become smaller too.  Basically, the facial skeleton loses volume.
But don’t fret: docs can still fix you up (for a pretty penny of course).  They can put in implants or fat to increase volume in certain places.  Yum yum.
To be honest, I can barely keep up with all the news on fillers that worrying about facial bone density is way down on my list … at least until I look in the mirror again!

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