In a post from 6 months ago I reported on a study that proves the heavier you are, (especially as a woman) the less money in your wallet/bank account (“Women Bear a Heavier Toll”).
Well, now Time reports that if you’re a lady, the skinnier you are, the more money you earn…around $22,000 more than the “average weight counterparts” (“Study: For Women, Skinnier Figures Can Equal Fatter Paychecks”).  And to make matters worse, heavy and very heavy women make over $9,000 and $19,000, respectively, LESS than these same “average weight counterparts.”
Needless to say, this study elicited a lot of interesting comments from readers.  Trying to explain these harsh results, there were those who attributed it to socio-economic factors, i.e., bad food tends to be cheap, thus you’re more likely to be heavier if you make less money to begin with.  There were others who believe that more body weight makes us sluggish and unproductive, and there were still others who claim businesses just want to be associated with attractive people.
What do you think?

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