Looking great for a job interiew is a must
Jezebel published a piece on a speed-dating service that forces women to get make-overs before their dates, “Speed-Dating Service Would Rather Ladies Had a Make-Over First.”  Good news: the make-overs are free.  Bad news: guys don’t get the same rule.
But forget the inequality for a second.  There’s something to this idea.  Why not put your best foot forward before a date?
Being married for over a decade, this article doesn’t apply to me.  But then I realized, “shouldn’t the same rule apply for another type of critical meeting, i.e. the interview?”  In other words, should we — men and women alike — be forced to look our best for job interviews?  Given I’ve had my share over the past few month, I certainly remember how I “performed” in these meetings when I did or did not look great.  The better I looked, the better I felt, and the more I nailed the interview.  Duh!
I’m not saying we should all go to job interviews looking like we are about to whoop it up at a dance club or about to walk the down the aisle.  I’m just thinking that we could all use a make-over, a new suit or a hair cut to spruce up our looks and our attitudes.
For all you recruiters out there, I would encourage you to push your candidates to not just clean up their resumes but their looks too.  It may just land them the job of the century.

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