Just when you thought being good looking got you all kinds of favors, another report has been published indicating that it works AGAINST you.  In an earlier post, I referenced another similar finding.

Ben Gurion University in Israel conducted a study where men and women were asked to send resumes to prospective employers.  In one case CVs were sent with the applicants’ headshots and in the other, they were sent picture-less.

Result?  Well, when it came to the guys, the most call backs occurred with CVs the “attractive” men sent, then came the “less attractive” men, and the least occurred with the picture-less resumes.

BUT, when it came to women, the OPPOSITE happened. The resumes WITHOUT pics got more call backs – 22% more than the ones with the “Plain Jane” pics and 30% more than the “attractive” ones.

What’s even scarier is the discrimination happened thanks to OTHER WOMEN! 96% of the time, women are the first line in the hiring process.  And these women are likely to be single (67%) and young (average age is 29).

Geez!  I‘m not surprised men get a pass here.  But what’s clear here is that it’s not necessarily men alone who are to blame for false or discriminatory views towards beautiful women.  What’s not clear to me, though, is whether the reason for the discrimination has to do with a belief that beauty equates with less talent or with female employers’ jealousy. Simply put, maybe they don’t want any more competition.

I could launch into a whole diatribe against the age-old argument about women’s primitive drive to fight for resources (i.e., men) and moan “why can’t we all just get along?!,” but I’ll save it.

It’s sad but still true.  I’m afraid for now we may just have to invest in nerdy glasses before we take application pics.

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