What’s up with this picture?  As you can tell, it’s an ad for Calvin Klein.  And I LOOVVVEEE the shoes.  Look at how sleek and sexy they are?  See how they sparkle and set off the model’s skin tone?

But I can’t find them anywhere!

I look online, nada.  I can barely find Calvin Klein advertising online either, so to upload this pic took forever.

What gives?!  How can a designer in this day and age not make his/her goods accessible.  I WANT TO BUY THEM and yet I CAN’T FIND THEM!  I’m sure the store has them but who has time to a. check and b. schlep there?

Having worked a bit in the luxury space, I know how difficult it is for luxury brands to let go and dive knee-deep into digital.  After all, at the core of luxury is exclusivity and rarity.  But, come on, we’re still fighting our way out of the recession and every brand needs to re-think its strategies.

Too bad for CK, I’m going straight to the knock-offs at Zara.

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