Pre-Storm July 26, 2012

While we humans have created so many amazing things, conquered tremendous feats, and built fantastic structures like the one in this pic, we are still mere mortals who are, ultimately, at the mercy of greater forces than ourselves.

This photo captures the New York City sky minutes before a major storm.  I certainly wasn’t the only one with my camera/smart phone out marking the moment.  One passerby saw me taking the picture and said, “Isn’t it beautiful?”  But why do we think it is so?  It’s an ominous sight, and it foreshadows something very dramatic that’s about to happen (which is certainly no fun when you’re walking home, I might add).

I think we see this image as beautiful because it signals that there is something more powerful than us out there.  Human beings have spent an eternity trying to conquer the world around us — natural or not.  But perhaps we still need to feel that We are not as in control as we think.  Perhaps it allows us to relinquish some responsibility over our lives  and the direction they take.  Or experiences like this let us know that there’s still the unknown to be discovered which isn’t anything but scary … it’s exciting!

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