I saw this ad in one of the fashion mags and was taken aback.  I had to photograph it with my camera phone (hence the off kilter shot :)).  What actually struck me about the pic?  Obviously the model looks beautiful and the jewelry is nice.  But it’s the hair do that got me going.  It’s huge!  Very 70’s. Could I go to work with hair like that?  What would happen?  How would I feel? I’m so tempted to try it.  People walk around with pink or lopsided hair, what’s the difference here?  Maybe because it screams blatant sexuality that it both scares and excites me.  And as a woman who has recently entered my 40’s testing those limits feels foolish but also necessary as I try to prove myself that I still have “it going on.”

If I try it one day, I’ll be sure to take a pic and post it 😉

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