Lady Gaga and Katy Perry are such inspirations to me.  It’s not their music (which, I admit, is not amazing).  I love them because they try so damn hard NOT to look like everyone else. Lady Gaga always has on some crazy wig, even blue colored armpit hair!  And who but Katy Perry would do pin-up girl meets clown?

In an era where everyone can primp, reconstruct and dye themselves to look “prefect,” we start looking like everyone else.  Just watch the Miss USA pageant for proof.  Everyone is beautifully boring! (See the post, Pic of the Week: Beautiful or Boring)

Thankfully there are those out there who say, “The hell with looking perfect, let’s look as weird, as different as possible!”

You could argue, though, that both Lady Gaga and Katy Perry still subscribe to many beauty norms, like thin bodies, perfect skin and perky boobs.  But like any social shifts, changing beauty norms can’t happen all at once.  That’s becomes too much for us to handle.  So, despite their few typical beauty rituals, I still applaud these women for encouraging us to push the boundaries and create our own sense of beauty.

Are you ready to sport some hot pink leg hair now?

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