While I think Yoplait‘s products, advertising and website are great, it went a bit too far recently.  Ironically, what makes Yoplait so great is that it deeply understands the needs, conflicts and desires of people when it comes to watching their weight.  The brand does a great job reflecting how women speak and think about their bodies with a sense of humor and truth.  I LOVE the “Know Your Girls” campaign promoting breast cancer awareness with candor and a sense of humor.
But there is a difference between understanding the issues we face with our bodies and actually reflecting them back to us on the screen.  Yoplait has gotten a lot of flak from the National Eating Disorders Association for a recent ad that shows a women negotiating whether she could eat a piece of cheese cake (click below to view).  The copy is spot on.  We probably all talk like this once and a while.  But that’s the problem.  It reflects, and maybe even promotes, the screwy relationship many of us have with food.  And sometimes that relationship leads to major eating disorders.
Let me give you a taste (no pun intended) of the monologue:
“What if I had just a small slice?  I was good today, I deserve it!  Or, I could have a medium slice and some celery sticks and they would cancel each other out, right?  Or, OK, I could have a larger slice and jog in place as I eat it.  Or, OK, how about one slice while jogging in place followed by eight celery …”
Yikes!  Maybe this is true but since when do advertisers (as opposed to, say, shrinks) need to hold a mirror up to ourselves!?
I must give Yoplait some credit, though.  Soon after the attack, they yanked the spot off the air, which set them back a pretty penny.
Yoplait Cheesecake Commercial

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