MSNBC that despite an aging beauty/fashion magazine readership, the models featured are so much younger.  Case in point, 1/5 of all Vogue readers are over the age of 50 but the magazine has only featured one model over the age of 40 (Halle Berry) in the past year.  And physicians are pointing to this fact as one of the reasons so many older women suffer from poor body image and have reconstructive surgery to appear youthful.reported

In an earlier post (“Why Does Everyone Accept Aging Better Than Americans?“), I pointed out research that shows how the numbers of older women suffering from eating disorders has increased over the years.  While other research indicates that the biggest cause of the eating disorders is family members, the media plays a role too.

Personally I would LOVE to see more images of beautiful older women.  I am inspired by them.  Superficially speaking, they give me hope that I too can look awesome no matter how old I get.  It’s really too bad magazines don’t feature more older beauties.

But knowing the sheer force of female Boomers, I can’t believe that they won’t demand the pubs to expand their variety of gorgeous women.

And I’m looking forward to it!

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