My friend and avid Beautyskew follower, Natalie, sent me this article published in Jezebel: Americans Spend Billions on Beauty Products But Are Not Very Happyso I HAD to read it.

Well, did it boil my blood (ok, I’m exaggerating…it raised it to lukewarm).

Why?  It claims that Americans are unhappy despite spending tons on beauty.  Implication? Beauty makes you unhappy.  How did they get to this profound insight? From an infographic (not exactly a research survey if you catch my drift), showing expenditures on beauty around the world, and how each country ranks on a happiness scale.  While the U.S. spends lots of dough on beauty treatments and cosmetics, it ranks lower on the “happiness scale” than countries like Sweden and the Netherlands who spend much less on beauty.

So what can you conclude from this?


First of all, two sets of unrelated data don’t amount to a correlation and CERTAINLY don’t prove causation!

Second of all, there are MANY reasons why the Swedes and Dutch may be happier than we Americans that have nothing to do with beauty.  Here’s a few that come to mind:  National healthcare, longer maternity leaves, and longer vacations.

This is just another example of people trying to vilify the pursuit of beauty.  Enough!

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