Want more proof that beauty has the power to change our psyche — even our physiology?  Check out a blurb from the May issue of Allure, “Younger Hair.”  The piece points to a study by Harvard psychology professor, Ellen Langer, with women of ages 27-83 after they got their hair done (cut, color or both).
If you recall from one of our previous posts, Mindfulness May Make Us More Beautiful, we shared Ellen Langer‘s proven scientific theory about how believing that our bodies can do something or be something (e.g., more fit) will actually make them so.
Well, in this case, she proves how changes to our body alter not only our perceptions of self but how we project ourselves to others. After their hair salon visits, women felt they looked younger.  And when their “before” and “after” pictures were shown to others — with their new hairdos cropped out — the subjects were thought to be younger in their “after” shots than “before” shots.  In other words, their feeling younger projected younger images of themselves.
And get this: after the women’s hair cuts/colorings, their blood pressure dropped!
Time to cancel my doctor’s visit and instead schedule my long over-due salon trip, eh?

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