For eons, luxury goods were thought of as unnecessary extravagances.  And let’s face it, many of us consider the people who indulge in them selfish and petty.  After all, couldn’t the $1,800 spend on the latest bag feed a village in Africa for a year?!

But luxury brands are recognizing they can no longer appear frivolous.  A critical marker of luxury nowadays IS contributing to social and environmental good.  And not just in a gratuitous way either.

According to a new study by WWF, “Deeper Luxury,” luxury brands like Elvis & Kresse, Vivienne Westwood and Gucci are taking this merger of ethics and luxury to heart (“Why luxury goes hand in hand with sustainability“).  Some examples: Westwood launched a collection of up-cycled bags and iPad cases made by impoverished African women, and Elvis and Kresse made a stylish range of accessories out of decommissioned fire-brigade hoses that would normally end up in landfills.

So now you can indulge without (or with less of) the guilt!

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