Sure, it was cute that Miu Miu used a 14 year-old as its face of the brand last season. And at least she wasn’t just a prepubescent model but a talented actress, Hailee Steinfeld.  Still, do we a. want to look like 14 year-olds and b. are we trying to promote Miu Miu to that age group?  They can barely afford Forever 21 let alone Italian high fashion.

So, I was thrilled to learn that Miu Miu not only ended its use of teenagers (sorry Hailee) but is using a model of a the ripe old age of 34! Ok, for the rest of us, that’s still young but for the fashion industry, that’s pretty darn “mature.”

Congrats Miu Miu on switching gears like that.  It’s about time.

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