Additions to the Reading List
Dig into some more great beauty-in culture reading:

  • People are on the rampage when it comes to photo shopping. Not only do they want images labeled (The Self-esteem Act) but now some professors have developed an algorithm to measure the amount of changes/differences between the photos pre and post alterations.

  • Now for some beautiful untouched pics! Feeling weird about your post-pregnancy belly?  Take a look at some great pics of other gorgeous tummies post birth and compare notes!

  • A great article about how much one’s weight really matters in the world of dating

  • Doesn’t it seem we’re seeing Uniqlo EVERYWHERE? Read up on the fascinating journey of Uniqlo’s ups and downs and why its now poised to succeed thanks to billionaire founder, Tadashi Yanai

(Unfortunately you need to buy the issue off the stands or wait a bit until they post on

  • A case for yoga instead of phys ed in school.  Actual studies reveal better school performance and attitudes!

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