Source: Azizah Magazine

In a recent edition of Azizah magazine, an American-Muslim magazine for women, there was a spread of a beautiful fashion show.  Instead of rail-thin models prancing back and forth in amazing but often sexy haute couture outfits, the show featured Muslim women in bright, even funky but also modest outfits.  Not only were their bodies adorned from toe to fingertip but their heads were covered too!
Coincidentally, The Los Angeles Times reported a similar story about all the new sources of fashionable, “modest-wear.”  The article quotes Tabyyibah Taylor, the publisher and editor of Azizah Magazine saying, “In Islam, hijab (synonymous with the head scarf) allows us to identify ourselves as being on a spiritual path, but we can also be on a spiritual path and have flair.”
The Muslim community isn’t alone in establishing their own fashion lines based on religious rules and restrictions.  Hasidic communities in the U.S. frequent stores that design clothing to fit their levels of modesty, e.g., long-sleeved dresses that hit below the knees, high cut blouses and head scarves or wigs to cover their hair.
U.S. fashion and beauty trends have been influenced by powerful ethnic groups like Latinos and African-Americans — think rear boosting jeans or sneakers as dress-up shoes.  While the Muslim community is still small (though growing quickly, an estimated 7 million now reside in the U.S.), I wonder if their celebration of modest attire will capture this country’s imagination.  Head scarves can be kinda cool, no?

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