Men shaving

The word is out.

Men (at least British ones) spend more time in the morning primping than women!  81 minutes versus 75 minutes for women according to a study by Travelodge.

I guess you could argue this refers to the Brits only.  Our men in the U.S. are different.  They are more manly.

Hmmm.  If we were speaking of a study done in Italy I, too, would be skeptical.  But, come on, British men aren’t exactly the beacons of fashion and hygiene!

Why does this intrigue me?  Because, as the evidence shows, men clearly DO care about their appearance but they aren’t allowed to really express it.

And, unfortunately, many women reinforce this.  I came across another article recently, (“Are Men the New Women?  In Praise of Aging — Like a Man“), which bemoans American men’s increasing attention paid to their appearance.

I don’t get it.  What’s wrong with men caring about how they look?  It won’t turn them into girls.  If anything, it could make them appear MORE masculine, assuming they work out and pluck those pesky nose hairs.

And, as I’ve said in past posts, the more men care about their bodies, I truly believe the more they will start caring for them too.  They’ll be more aware of suspicious moles, harmful fat around the middle, and their overall strength and stamina.

Guys, take as much time in front of the mirror as you’d like.  Not only is it fun but it’s good for you too.  And it certainly only makes us, ladies, happier!

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