BeingGirl, Procter & Gamble‘s teen website about puberty and menstruation (primarily associated with Tampax and Always), is coming under some major scrutiny.  Moms in the UK are outraged at the accompanying advertising for “hot underwear” and hair removal products, including some manufactured by P&G.  They say all of the adverts are sending the wrong message to young girls about how their bodies should look (“BeingGirl website accused of ‘exploiting’ teenage girls“).

While I totally understand these moms’ concerns, they have to realize that at the end of the day they are benefiting from a manufacturer’s website, not a non-for-profit one.  P&G isn’t trying to hide that they are the ones providing all the great content (ads aside) to these girls.  There’s a bit of give and take here.  Of course the company should be sensitive to their target audience – which is just good marketing since their goal is to retain customers for the long run who will hopefully end up buying even more of their brands one day.

Yes, manufacturers shouldn’t promote products that obviously elicit negative feelings, especially among children.  But people have to take advantage of what brands and manufacturers offer with their eyes open too.

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