I don’t remember the last time I bought cosmetics or moisturizer in a department or specialty store.  My one exception: my hard-to-come-by Trish McEvoy Gardenia Musk body lotion.
Interestingly, Mintel reported that while the recession has compelled most of us to trade down, Spanish dominant Hispanics still buy name brand (“Hispanics Still Opting for Name-Brand Personal Care Products”.)
I’m not at all surprised.
Ask any expert on marketing to this group, and you hear how important brand names are to Hispanic consumers.  One reason is that name-brands are a sign of a better life – something they’ve obviously worked hard to achieve.  And I’m even less surprised by their loyalty to beauty brands in particular.  In my research of Latinas’ relationship to appearance and beauty-care, I learned that the importance of beauty runs deep.  As Kika Rocha, the beauty and fashion editor of People  En Espanol explains:
When you grow up, you’re surrounded by beautiful women and you always see your grandma dressed up to the nines even if she’s 92.  I think we’re born with it.  It’s something that comes as part of our genes.
No surprise that People En Espanol has around 25 fashion and beauty related pages per issue whereas the general market version of People has around 3-4!  Beauty, like music and food, is a way to celebrate their heritage, especially since they have somewhat different views and interpretations of what makes someone beautiful, e.g., older women ARE sexy, curves are great, etc.
I’m psyched that these values around beauty, like Latin food and music, are spreading across our culture.  I for one still expect to strut myself in my 90’s!

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