In an effort to open people’s eyes to the needs of the hearing impaired, Mumbai hosted a beauty pageant for deaf and mute women.  See the article for more info.


What’s the connection?  Why do people need a beauty pageant to give hearing impaired women a “voice?”  Why not have a sporting event or art exhibition?  What’s with a beauty contest?

The article does’t answer my questions but I have my theories.  Of course physical beauty is something one SEES versus hears.  But more than that, I think the pageant purposefully celebrates one very physical feature — beauty — in order to bring to light the lack of another very physical feature — hearing.

Sure, we could embrace these women’s intellectual abilities.  That would seem more progressive, right?   But I kind of like the idea of making this a physical issue.  We all have gifts, and many of them are physical (beauty, a sense of rhythm, the ability to pick up a tune etc).  We should remember that and celebrate them!


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