Ahhhh, who doesn’t run to the mailbox when the September Vogue (or Elle or Glamour or Bazaar… replace with your fave) arrives?  As a friend of mine — someone who I never suspected of enjoying fashion that much, actually — said, “The September Vogue symbolizes potential.  It marks the beginning of the year and excitement for the future.” Add to that Fashion Week being right around the corner at Lincoln Center, and this month is one big beauty and fashion bonanza!

Well, it’s mid September and our arms are probably sore from holding so many 500+ pages of fashion at a time and our fingertips are calloused from perusing the shows on our iPads.

But there’s one more thing to mark the new year of beauty: the new and improved Beautyskew!

For a few months I’ve been warning you all that a change was underway.

We made it!

What’s the diff? We hoped to retain some of the visual cues, like color and font, but also offer a more dynamic and easy to navigate experience.  (Oh, and I look a bit different too…check out my new photo)

The tone, types of content and point of view are still the same but we are adding some more contributors, yay!

One key contributor, without whom this new site would be just a dream, is Karen Propp.  Karen is both a colleague of mine and an online marketing entrpreneur.   You can follow her on Twitter @karen_propp.

Not only is Karen my digital marketing expert, but she will also have her own column.

Stay tuned for the grand unveiling of it!

Given it is early stages, please don’t hesitate to offer any suggestions for improvement.

Hope you enjoy!

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