I got a reaction to my blog yesterday that bothered me.  A friend of mine, in the nicest way possible, dismissed the blog (before reading it) as not suited to her because she didn’t think she could be beautiful.  I was kinda bummed and my husband, in his infinite wisdom, gave me some perspective.  “People could easily view your blog as a site for pretty people,”  kinda like the website Beautifulpeople.com, which, you guessed it, is designed only for “beautiful” people (see my post, Reproducing Beauty, 7/18).

That’s certainly NOT my goal.  For the record, the blog is a celebration of beauty and the pursuit of it, no matter what form it takes.  It’s the creative process that’s beautiful, and it’s the positive effect of beauty that’s beautiful.

Let me explain further.

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of interviewing a fascinating man, Fred Nazem, the Founder and Managing Partner of Nazem and Company and an entrepreneur and venture capitalist for over 30 years.  Fred offered such a wonderful definition of beauty that I couldn’t help but adopt it.  Here’s what he said in a nutshell:

1. Beauty is inherent in all of us and elevates us from the everyday: “There is a divinity in all of us… I’m not talking religiosity here … but it’s the divine that is beautiful and so it transcends us, it takes us from the prison of everyday life.  This transcendence is really what’s beautiful.”

2. Beauty inspires more beauty. “It propagates and goes forward like a garden.  It’s just not one flower it’s the whole thing.”

3. It’s the transformative process of creativity that truly defines beauty: “Just like the beast turned into the prince (Beauty and the Beast) we have the ability to transform something not so pretty to something very pretty.”

To watch a clip of conversation on beauty, click here


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