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My gorgeous friend (who believes she isn’t and will therefore remain nameless) shared this sobering article she found in JezebelWill Women Ever Have The Freedom To Be Ugly?  This piece correctly points out that we live in a world where women — no matter how successful, engaging and brilliant — are expected to ALSO be attractive.  I’m not saying they can be expected to all be beautiful but certainly never ugly.  Men can be ugly and still deemed successful but not women.
Also, the world “ugly” is, well, ugly.  Who is really ugly anyway?  The concept feel unreal?
Back to the point…
No new news here.  We human being are highly visual and men are particularly reliant o their visual sense to weed out prospective mates.  Hence, women are held up to high standards of beauty.  Of course the article challenges women to stand up to this in some shape or form.
And I’m all for it. Expect if it means that women who DO care about their appearance get tagged for being superficial and un-feminist.  How many times have women and men for that matter been overly harsh to women for how much make-up they wear or what outfit they chose to don for some meeting or event? Maybe the idea shouldn’t be that we give women freedom to be ugly but to look however the hell they want.
How’s that?

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