If you heard that being better looking and sexier meant men took you less seriously but women took you more seriously, which would you choose?
I ask this because of what I read in a recent article, “Why You Remember What I Say.” The story references an Indiana University study indicating that sexy, feminine anchors were taking less seriously by men.  They were considered less able to handle tough assignments.
BUT, the piece goes on to report that women actually retained MORE of what the overtly attractive anchorwomen reported.
Years ago, women in all sorts of spheres were discouraged from appearing overly feminine or sexy lest their male — and likely more powerful — colleagues, clients, audiences etc., would dismiss them.
But look around.  Who’s becoming more and more powerful in the workplace, in politics, in society?  Women!
So if looking attractive means I’m going to get listened to more by women, then I say go for it!

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