Brazillian Working Out
I just came across a NY Times article about Brazilian’s obsession with maintaining the beauty of their bodies, “Brazil’s Body Beautiful.”  No news there.
The article doesn’t go on and on about the high consumption of plastic surgery procedures as so many articles do.  Instead it reports on the number of health clubs (more than 18,000 btw, second to the U.S.) and the fast growing popularity of physical trainers.
My response to this news?  Great!
The Brazilians may be working out for vanity but there’s no doubt their bodies are getting healthier as a result.  There’s a biological reason we deem certain bodies beautiful.  The healthier the body, the healthier the genes.  And the healthier the genes, the more we want to procreate with them.
So who really cares what people’s reasons are for getting healthy?  If we all worked out (not in a crazy, overly obsessed way, of course), we will be physically healthier.  Which means we’ll live longer, we’ll pay less in health insurance, we’ll be happier thanks to the endorphins, and oh, yeah, we’ll look f@$$%^n awesome!
So bring on the vanity!

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