Brits (both men and women) think women are their most beautiful at the age of 31!  Not exactly senior citizens.  But then again, 31 is a whole lot older than the age of the typical model (who, at least theoretically, are supposed to represent the ideal of beauty).

What’s behind this result?  Could it be that with the aging population in the West, we’re all more comfortable viewing older women as beautiful?  Didn’t “40 become the new 30” thanks to ladies like Demi Moore, Cindy Crawford and Julianna Margulies?  (Clearly I’m partial to brunettes … I wonder why…) According the Herald Sun: “two-thirds of women questioned agree that ‘with age, comes beauty,’ and more than half said they became more confident in their looks as they grew older.”

Do you think the same would be true in the U.S.?  With our strong emphasis on youth (see my blog post from 5/24, Beauty in the Boardroom) could we possibly believe 30 year olds are actually more attractive than 20 year olds?  After all, youth represents far more than perkier breasts in our culture.  It symbolizes core American values like vitality, transformation, rebellion, optimism, and innocence.

Let’s find out the answer for ourselves!  Take the survey below and help answer what Americans think is the most beautiful age for women.

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