I’m a CVS loyalist.  I think their prices are better than the New York City-dominated Duane Reade convenience store chain, and I’m still a bit of a Bostonian at heart (CVS and I were both born there).  But Duane Reade has gotten a few things right lately in the area of beauty.

In their newest stores, not only can you get pre-made meals but many prestige cosmetics and cosmetic treatments, e.g., manicures and eyebrow shaping.  While, as a customer, I’ll still frequent my favorite beauty professionals, as a student of the world of beauty, I appreciate Duane Reade’s evolution.  The brand is essentially saying that taking care of your beauty isn’t some “special” treatment or indulgence.  It’s an everyday necessity that should be as simple, convenient, accessible and inexpensive as buying a bag of chips or cotton swabs.  As DR president, Joe Magnacca, said so aptly, “Every customer has the right to have access to beauty” (Beauty Counter Makeover, WSJ).

Whether he realizes it or not, Magnacca basically summed up American’s whole approach to beauty.  Just as the American dream tells us that we all can succeed, it tells us that we all can become beautiful.  It’s not for the select wealthy or genetically-fortunate few.  We just need to put the necessary effort into it.

Still, not sure I’m ready to give up on CVS yet, but if DR’s beauty services go late night, I may just have to defect.

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