Lucky magazine recently posted a little blurb about Jessica Simpson’s decision NOT to be rail thin “Jessica Simpson Says Being Curvy Was Good For Branding.” While she didn’t necessarily intend this to happen, she believes her infamous unflattering pic in mom jeans was a brilliant move.  Her “real” body, she argues, makes her more relatable to women (which probably helps since her bizillion-dollar yearly salary certainly doesn’t!)

Given she’s now a fashion designer, understanding how to dress normal body-types is a must.  So being curvier only helps her bottom line.

But I wonder, do we really want our fashion icons to be realistic?  I mean, magazines and advertisers have all tried using “real” models and we, the consumers, don’t like it.   How do I know?  Not only am I steeped in the beauty communications world so I get to see the pluses and minuses of every single move we make, but I just look at sales as proof.

So what’s the deal? Do we want to relate or do we want to admire? Could Jessica actually be the perfect marriage of relatabilty and aspiration?

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