When I looked at my feed today, a few different sources mentioned this study.  What am I referring to?  A recent study commissioned by Revlon and conducted by Fordham University about the effect of beauty rituals on people’s relationships.

The study asked women to spend 7 days employing a number beauty techniques and spending more overall time and effort on their daily beauty rituals.  The result was that these women felt more “open to love” (this is Revlon’s brand positioning by the way so you see the connection) and their partners were more attracted to them as a result.  What is interesting is that the partners weren’t necessarily attracted to their altered appearances but rather to the boost of confidence that the beauty subjects felt.  No surprise, as it is documented in so many places, the better we think we look, the more empowered and confident we feel.

But I think it goes even deeper than that.

I’ve written about the “self-caring” effects of our beauty rituals.  When we caress our bodies, and connect with them in a nurturing way, we become more whole.  Our bodies aren’t vessels or canvasses merely to move us around and project us to the outside world.  Our bodies are inextricably linked to who we are.

Most of our days we live in our heads.  We plan for the day, develop ideas, navigate the craziness of the streets, etc.  And we often forget our bodies.  We feed them and maybe even get a workout here and there, but we don’t actually connect with them.  We don’t truly feel our bodies.

I’ve written in the past that if more people performed daily beauty rituals, especially those people who eschew any sort of pampering of their bodies, e.g., older men, they would not only connect more with their bodies but they would actually be a lot healthier.  The more we physically connect with our bodies, the more we will be in tune to them.  We will not just appreciate them and care for them but we will be that much aware of any health issues.

Our daily beauty rituals may seem like a pain in the butt sometimes.  I get it.  But let’s stop to realize that these few minutes in our day may not only boost our confidence and happiness, but they may also make us more whole, grounded and more loving people.  In the end, who doesn’t want more of that?!

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