Bright Hand Pictures created a documentary, Sexy Girls Have It Easy, about a girl that scores all types of freebies thanks to her sexy good looks (check it out on Vimeo).  Donning high heels and make-up, she’s able to get things like taxi rides, cake and champagne for free just by asking.
You could argue this is another case of looks discrimination.  And this theory is reinforced by the fact that this same hot woman is video-taped going out wearing a blah outfit, sans make-up and her hair in a pony-tail.  And like the first version, she asks for the same things for free but this time around she isn’t nearly as successful.
But instead of seeing this video as a statement of what’s wrong in our society, see it for the positive points it reveals.  Yes, she is discriminated against as a Plain Jane.  But all she needed to do to benefit from our culture’s (or human nature’s) biases is put a bit of lipstick and heels on!  In other words, beauty and the benefits reaped from it aren’t out of reach.  They just may require a bit more effort to obtain.
Oh, yeah, and you may even be able to make up the costs of the fancy duds and blow-outs thanks to all the freebies you’d get!
Watch the video and see for yourself:

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