We all know anecdotally that if you look hot, you’re probably more likely than the “plainer” folks to be rich.  After all, we grew up with fairy tales like Cinderella that promise pretty girls a prince and a nice castle to go with him.
But now we have scientific proof behind this idea.  According to a University of Texas study among Canadians, Germans, Americans and British subjects, beautiful people (both men and women, by the way) are generally richer than the plain Joes and Janes out there (“The ugly truth: Good looks make you richer, happier,” USA Today).
Moreover, the study found they are also happier!  Sure, being rich probably increases your chances of being happy, right?  But that’s only part of it.  The study indicates that attractive people are also happy because the social, professional and romantic opportunities are greater for them.
Not to say all is well for beautiful people as I’ve written in the past (“Pretty People Seem to Be Striking Out Again“, “Beauty, A Liability in Jobs that Matter the Most“, Did Newsweek Get It Right?” “Beauty Discrimination: Finally Fighting Back” .  Beauty, especially for women in the workplace can be a double-edged sword.  But there’s no question it’s a valuable edge for the most part.  And now we can prove it.

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