Don’t think it’s just gals that are vain.  Guys care a ton about how they look and are willing to spend big bucks on looking hot.  Among the most popular treatments: hair transplants and Botox.  And we’re not talking about guys in their 50’s or 60’s either!

Some famous guys who have succumbed to vanity?  Cold Feet actor, James Nesbitt, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey, soccer player Wayne Rooney, and of course, Elton John.

I’ve written in past posts about the growing trend of plastic surgery among men (“Why Does Everyone Accept Aging Better Than Americans?“).  As with women, looks matter for men, especially in the office.

While I don’t necessarily encourage men to pay out hefty sums for hair transplants or plastic surgery, and I certainly don’t want men to suffer from appearance anxiety because of society’s looks discrimination, I actually think a bit more attention paid to one’s looks and a greater acceptance of grooming behaviors isn’t such a bad thing.   As I’ve written in past posts (“One More Minute Please“), the physical act of beautification can be emotionally transformative.  If men actually pampered themselves a bit more — touched and caressed their skin and hair, they could feel more connected with their bodies, and ultimately with themselves.

Plus, who doesn’t want to be surrounded by great looking guys :)!

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