There’s been all this hoopla about the latest inane reality show “Bridalplasty.”  Why? Because the show’s premise is a competition among brides-to-be for expensive plastic surgery.
Plastic surgery is no laughing matter.  It’s surgery after all.  And can be quite dangerous.  Just recently a young star in China died on the operating table in an attempt to reconstruct her already gorgeous face.  And while this isn’t the first plastic surgery show (remember the Swan?  Yikes!), this show just reinforces to a potential audience of 300 million that it can be the ticket to the wedding of your dreams.
Of course, I’m not saying anything earth shattering.
But what I think is interesting about the show is that it features Alexandra White from the Biggest Loser. She lost a lot of weight and wants surgery to fix the loose skin, a common byproduct of rapid and extreme weigh loss.
That got me thinking.  If plastic surgery were a reward for weight loss, would that be so bad? When breast cancer patients get plastic surgery to create a new chest, no one balks.  It’s a reward, so to speak, for going through a horrible disease and losing an integral part of their bodies.
Could you argue the same thing for weigh loss “survivors”?  After all, obesity is one of the biggest epidemics and health concerns of our nation.  If health insurance included complimentary plastic surgery as a result of massive weight loss, people may be more incentivized to lose weight!
Maybe we should hesitate to deride plastic surgery in ALL cases.  Maybe it has an actual health benefit.  Something to think about…

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