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While it’s clear from the blog that I advocate the pursuit of beauty, I truly believe the definition of beauty and what we want to embrace as beautiful within ourselves can differ dramatically.  So I thought it was fantastic when I saw two recent articles about people embracing and celebrating aspects of their bodies that years ago may have not been deemed the most attractive.

W Magazine wrote a story, Mind the Gap, about the growing popularity of gap-toothed women like Lara Stone and Georgia May Jagger.  And the New York Times published a piece, Where Minimal Assets Are a Plus, on small-breasted women embracing their cup size with sexy, glamorous bras fit just for them.  Ellen Shing, the owner of Lula Lu, a website and boutique that caters to smaller-breasted women, told the Times that her customers “are happy with their bodies…it’s a misconception still that you want bigger if you’re smaller.”

Instead of hiding their unique features, they flaunt them, with bright red lipstick and lacy lingerie.  They don’t give up on their pursuit of beauty; they reorient it to suit them.

It’s inspiring.

Now, if I can only find a way to embrace my pesky freckles and turn them into an asset….hmmmm, not sure if I’m ready for that yet.



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