There I said it.

Why do we cringe when we hear that?  It’s a vital part of a woman’s body.  Without it we wouldn’t be born, we wouldn’t be able to distinguish between the sexes, and we wouldn’t have as much fun as we do!

And yet, the word is taboo.  Why?  Because, as a culture, we’re only beginning to embrace our bodies as we should.  And with shifting gender dynamics, we’re only beginning to start valuing women’s bodies as powerful things (versus purely sexual or procreating entities).

So, when Summer’s Eve decided to endorse the vagina with its “Hail to the V” campaign, I had to applaud.  The irony, of course, is that the very proposition that Summer’s Eve communicates is that there’s something wrong with your vagina, and therefore it needs to be “refreshed.”  So I can’t applaud too loudly.

I hope that if Summer’s Eve is as smart as I think it may be, it will start rethinking its product line-up and develop education, products, services, etc., that will actually help/be in true support of the V eventually.

We can all hope, right?  And meanwhile, hail the V!

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