I just read a short blurb on Mashable about Flipboard founder Mike McCue who said at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Fran: “you need to throw out the data when you need to build something truly new.” Boy, am I totally on board with that.

As someone who’s spent over 15 years managing, conducting, analyzing and learning a ton from research, I realize that it can only take you so far.  Even the most interesting, unexpected forms of research, e.g., anthropological studies, hypnosis and deprivation exercises, to name a few, may provide great insights, but they don’t necessarily guide us to creative greatness and beauty.

Why?  For one thing, the people being researched don’t always realize what they need or desire, and certainly can’t articulate it.  Secondly, inspiration comes from something deeper, from our souls and our ability to be creative. It’s no coincidence art and religion have been linked so tightly for so long.

And yet, most of us regular folk rely and spend so much cash on research but not for the tools and techniques that make us more inspired/inspiring soulful and creative.

Now some will tell us that they’re not the creative types so they need research.

Bullshit.  We’re all soulful and creative we just search and express it in different ways.

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